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Presidential Life has a simple philosophy. "Give the client unbiased, objective information on their insurance needs." Our primary goal is to find the best insurance plans to fit clients need. We make sure that our clients do not pay extra premium for something that is available at lower rates. We search through all the major insurance companies and banks across Canada and provide our clients with the rates from top 20 insurance companies from Canada. Below are the some of the best plans available in the insurance industry. To take advantage of such plans or to find out about other plans and quotes, do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

Pick a Term Protection
  • Now you can customize your term policy as needed
  • e.g. 11,12,26,27,35,36,37,38,39,40 years.

  • Convertible to permanent policy before expiry.

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Insurance Policy with High Savings
  • Guaranteed Highest cash values at retirement age.
  • Written lowest price guarantee for lifetime.
  • Available with three different cash value options.

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Customized Mortgage Insurance
  • Lowest price guarantee available with this plan.
  • Cash value equals to the premium paid at expiry.
  • Underwriting is done before the issuance of policy

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Simplified Critical Illness Insurance
  • Have blood pressure and cholestrol and hard to insure?
  • Answer "NO" to 9 questions and get approved instantly.
  • Available with return of premium at Plan Expiry.

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Non - Medical Life Insurance
  • Declined for Life Insurance?
  • Suffering from Critical Illness and need Life insurance?
  • Available on Term 10,Term 20,Term 100

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And Many More...


Sourabh Chadha

Financial Security Advisor

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Unlike most companies, we do most of the work for you. A financial advisor will visit your home to help you identify your needs and find the best possible plan available to fit your needs. We provide you free detailed overview of your current financial situations, future needs and deliver innovative solutions and strategies to meet such financial goals. We will also help you to complete your application and arrange for a free medical exam at your home or office. We will also follow up calls and give you updates during the process to ensure expedient delivery and we will continue to give you free review of your financial needs once a year.