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Critical Illness Insurance

Description of the Insurance

Critical illness insurance is an excellent tool that complements every financial plan. In addition to looking after your clients’ needs for cash at death and their need for income when disabled with life and disability insurance, you can now look after your clients’ needs for cash when recovering from a critical illness.

What are the types of illnesses covered by critical illness insurance?

Although they differ from company to company, typical illnesses and diseases covered by critical illness insurance may include up to 25 illnesses or medical conditions:


Statistics reveal that more and more Canadians, at a younger and younger age, will be afflicted by a critical illness.
In addition to having to face a serious illness, several important costs related to medical treatments remain not covered by provincial health insurance plans.

Shocking statistics:
1 Canadian out of four will develop heart disease during their lifetime;
1 person out of two who is a heart attack victim is under 65 years of age;
75% of victims survive a first stroke;
1 person out of three will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime;
1 woman out of nine will develop breast cancer during her lifetime;
1 man out of eight will develop prostate cancer during his lifetime;
50,000 Canadians suffer from multiple sclerosis, one of the highest rates in the world;
Over 750,000 persons in Canada could suffer from Alzheimer’s disease between now and the year 2031.

Where can I get critical illness insurance?

A licensed insurance agent or broker can help you find critical illness insurance and other types of health insurance coverage.

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Sourabh Chadha

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