A couple of years ago, in the very same galaxy we live in, not so far away...

A couple of years ago, in the very same galaxy we live in, not so far away...

It was a period of insurance misselling.

Talking with Insurance agents was mandatory across all insurance Industry. Insurance Agents called their customers 20 times a day, and recited their scripts in the voice of death. Customers were still not sure if they were paying more premiums for what they could get for less

A man decided it was time for a change.

He created a platform where it is as easy to compare, buy, and manage insurance. Thusly, fetchmypolicy was formed with a clear goal of making insurance quick and simple.

What a guy started from apartment 10 years ago has now grown into a premier insurance and investment brokerage with award winning agents. We are proud to have gathered some of the best talents from all across, who share our passion. Our Team has top 1% of the world's most successful insurance agents .It's a young team, with big ideas, and bigger dreams.

We will make waves. That much we are sure of. Keep an eye out for us, for our story is just beginning…

Get Covered.Get Going

At Fetch My Policy, we believe buying insurance is not about avoiding risk, it's about outfoxing it. So you can do bigger things in life.

Meet the Founder

Sourabh Chadha started his career as insurance agent where he experienced first hand, the problems faced by customers when buying insurance. He was trained to sell same product from one insurance company. He had strong opinions about the sorry state of things, and grand ideas about how to solve them. Back then he did not however have the means to implement these opinions.

He dreamt of changing the world with technology, but struggled to find the resources while working for someone. That great problem that he was passionate about fixing made him starts his own brokerage "Presidential Life" that could give unbiased opinions about the insurance.
In 2015, he became the member of the MDRT ,Million Dollar Round Table, the top 1% of the world's most successful insurance and finance professionals. That's when he knew there are many more talented and passionate agents across the world doing the right thing for the customers. In 2016, he became the TOP of the Table in MDRT.
He decided to make this insurance industry the most transparent to his customers by revealing all the related information to the customer .He has been called upon more than 600+ live talks shows on media through radio and TV.
His passion to help families with insurance and investments still intact.He is inseparable to his dream today. He started fetchmypolicy, with hopes to create the most simple to use and transparent platform to buy and manage insurance.

We Believe

Insurance should be easy

We exist because buying insurance is currently confusing and painful. It should be easy to understand what is covered in your policy. It should be easy to compare features and pick the right policy. And it should be really easy to buy a policy online. We are here to make it happen.

We are the smartest way to get Insured

We shy away from spam, false promises, pushy sales practices. Instead, we invest in Simplified design, kick-ass technology, and a helpful advisory team. We make buying from Fetch My Policy simpler, faster, and the smartest way to get insured.